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Tundra Rose has truly diversified this year. One thing I have realized since the creation of TR is that there are a lot of beautiful aspects apart of events that we were not capitalizing on, that brought equal joy as simply planning your perfect wedding.

We have opened a full service event and floral studio in Soldotna, AK. What does this mean? Tundra Rose now provides full service florals regularly to our community, we will be hosting year round community events to  bring more entertainment and new activities to your lives as well as offering a new rental space on the Peninsula!

Contact for a personal quote. 


Now let me introduce myself, I am the lady over here taking a big leap into her dreams, also known as Dacia, (Daw-see-uhh) since I know you probably didn't say that right. I have been planning events since my early grade school years but I decided to launch my business back in 2018. 2020 is our year of, strategically rebranding, I am taking Tundra Rose to the next level and I am so happy to have all of you along for the ride. 

While I have worked in nearly every industry related to events including but not limited to; catering, floral design, event venue coordination, makeup artistry, & bartending. I thought I knew everything there was to start my business. I was wrong, the biggest thing that I learned in my first two years of this business is in fact that I do not know everything, but that I am dedicated to my personal growth and knowledge development to grow TR . I might not always have the answers but I can promise you I will do anything and everything to figure them out.

I have learned that sometimes no matter how hard I planned, no matter how strategic, problem preventing I did... Things will still go wrong. But as much as my job is to prevent problems, I also learned that I think even better on my feet and love embracing those very problems and fixing them before you even will know they happened.


With my gained experience I have come to realize that beyond just event design, florals have stolen my heart. While events still equally have me captivated, I am excited to focus on a deeper aspect of their design as well. 

Follow along the journey of Tundra Rose and lets plan how Tundra Rose can be apart of yours. 

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